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Helical Piles


Southern Coast Foundation Systems has the knowledge and expertise to Install both round and square shaft helical piles ranging in load capacity from 8 tons to 200 tons.

Helical Piles have many applications and unlimited possibilities in both Residential and Commercial Applications.

  • New Construction Foundations
  • Existing Foundation Stabilization
  • Existing Foundation Augmentation
  • New Deck Support
  • Solar panel and satellite support

The primary benefits of helical piles are:

  • Fast Installation
  • Pre Engineered and load tested systems
  • Variety of piles and capacities from 8 to 200 tons
  • No soil spoils
  • Small and Maneuverable Installation equipment
  • Patented Dual Cutting blades
  • Single Bolt configuration on most for fast Installation
  • No Curing Time

Maximum Corrosion Protection

Between 1910 and 1955, the most comprehensive investigation into the corrosion of buried bare steel and galvanized pipe was conducted by the National Bureau of Standards.

These data were used to determine the probable life expectancy of helical foundations - see Introduction to Corrosion and Galvanizing of Helical Foundations by Perko 2001 in Magnum Helical Foundation Technical Reference Manual.

Twelve samples were buried in Norfolk, VA and in fine sands in Jacksonville, FL where soils are categorized as moderate corrosivity. Samples exhibited an average corrosion rate of 0.64 oz/sf/yr.

Magnum Hot Dip Galvanized Helical Piles in soils with these ratings would provide:

  • Maximum Corrosion Protection
  • 95% probable life expectancy exceeding 140 years
  • Average life expectancy is 350 years

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